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Peer Counseling


Please print the Peer Counseling Application from the link below or you may pick up an application from the Counseling office.  Application are due by Friday April, 28, 2017.  See Ms. Piña for for more information.

2017-18 Peer Counseling Application 

How can I become a Peer Counselor?

Print an application from above or see Ms. Piña in the counseling office for more information or to pick up an application. To apply you must be a current junior, complete a Peer Counseling Application, obtain 2 letters of recommendation from your teachers and participate in an interview. 

Peer Counseling Advisor: Kristen Piña x 72046 Department Chair of Counseling/Counselor 


How can I request to talk to a Peer Counselor?

  1. Ask your teacher to send you to the counseling office.
  2. Ask your counselor to talk to a Peer Counselor.
  3. Fill out a referral slip in the front of the counseling office and place it in the Peer Counseling box. A Peer Counselor will call you out of class. 

What is a Peer Counselor?

A Peer Counselor is a student who cares about people, and who makes a commitment to a program aimed at assisting students in having the best possible experience they can while they are attending RBV. A Peer Counselor is a facilitator and a “friend”. A Peer Counselor believes that she/he can best help others by respecting each individual’s personal resources. As a Peer Counselor, you will have the opportunity to help other students who have concerns, which are temporarily hampering their personal and academic advancement. You will be trained in basic peer counseling skills, learning skills, and given ongoing supervision and practice in skill and knowledge development. You will have the opportunity to contribute to your community, work with an amazing group of peers, and develop valuable, lifelong skills.

What does the Peer Counseling Program Do?

In conjunction with the RBV Counseling Department, Peer Counselors will be located in the counseling office. We offer personal support, academic support, information and referrals. Peer Counseling requires a one-year commitment that provides support for other RBV students in a variety of ways. Peer Counselors will undergo an extensive training that consists of leadership skills, team building activities, communication skills and a variety of topics affecting students.  The program offers support for students by providing peer counseling, presentations, school wide campaigns and peaceful conflict resolution.  In addition, Peer Counselors are responsible for staffing the Peer Counseling Office for one class period per year.

What do Peer Counselors do at RBV?

PEER COUNSELING: Students help others through one-on-one contacts. Student request our assistance and teachers/counselors/administrators refer students to us. Peer counseling can be informal with students using skills with friends or formal with specific drop-in hours or through referrals by staff. Students will keep records on peer counseling contacts.


PEER COUNSELING FRESHMEN CASELOAD: Peer Counselors will have a caseload of freshmen students who they will mentor and provide academic and personal/social support to through the entire year. 


PEER EDUCATION: Students may develop and lead class presentations or school activities on subjects such as school bullying, character development, goal setting, pursuit of academic excellence, team building, racism, substance abuse, smoking, child abuse, violence prevention, mediation skills, decision-making, peer pressure, refusal skills, depression and suicide, etc.


PEER CONFLICT MEDIATION: Students are trained in the conflict resolution/peer mediation process and mediate disputes involving other students or between students and staff. We receive referrals from counselors, teachers and students who request our help.


PEER SUPPORT: Peer Counselors support students, staff, events and activities at Rancho Buena Vista High School. Students give help and assistance to ASB with events and commitments. We do not duplicate, but contribute to their efforts. We provide random acts of kindness to groups, individuals, clubs, classes, etc., on our campus to instill in every student the bigger picture of community and support. We give a hand when needed.


PEER TRANSITION ASSISTANCE: Peer Counselors help transfer students or new students adjust to school through school tours, special friend assignment and class presentation. This could be a one-time event or a continuing relationship for a few weeks or throughout the school year. Counselors and Teachers refer students to us that need assistance. 


PLUS (Peer Leaders Uniting Students): Peer Counselors are also part of the PLUS Team and facilitate PLUS Forums at RBV and other schools in VUSD.


INTERN WITH RBV COUNSELORS: Peer Counselors are actually School Counseling Interns. You will get to work one on one with our certificated RBV School Counselors and spend time shadowing them, helping with counseling duties and provide support when needed.