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Leadership, Internship, Work Experience


Grade Level: 9-12                 RBV Graduation: Elective                    UC/CSU A-G: None            Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: Application

This course develops student leadership skills through class activities that involve business and financial planning, budgeting, scheduling, marketing, advertising, and event planning.  This class is mandatory for all elected A.S.B. officers and appointed commissioners.  Students will be required to participate in outside classroom activities during lunchtime, before and after school in addition to nights and weekends during special events.



PLUS (Peer Leaders Uniting Students)                                          

Grade Level: 10-12                RBV Graduation: Elective                   UC/CSU A-G: None             Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite:  Student application, teacher recommendations, and interview.

Students enrolled in this class will become RBV’s PLUS Team. The PLUS Team of students is the catalysts of establishing a positive campus culture for all students to participate and achieve personal success. The PLUS Team will facilitate forums of discussions between students on campus. Through this course students will experience positive peer influences, engage in academic atmosphere, integrity, honestly, responsibility and resiliency. For more information visit the RBV PLUS website.



Peer Counseling                                                    

Grade Level: 12                     RBV Graduation: Elective                   UC/CSU A-G: None             Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite:  Student application, teacher recommendations, and interview.

Peer counseling is designed to teach the process of helping another person through peer assistance leadership. Students will enter into one-to-one helping relationships; assume leadership roles, discuss leadership roles, advise, tutor, participate in public speaking, peer counseling, conflict management, peer mediation, team building and in other interpersonal helping roles.  As a Peer Counselor, you will have the opportunity to help other students who have concerns, which are temporarily hampering their personal and academic advancement. You will be trained in basic peer counseling skills, learning skills, and given ongoing supervision and practice in skill and knowledge development. You will have the opportunity to contribute to your community, work with an amazing group of peers, and develop valuable, lifelong skills. For more information visit the RBV Peer Counseling website




Grade Level: 11-12             RBV Graduation: Elective                       UC/CSU A-G: None         Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite:  Student application, teacher recommendations, and employer interview.

This community internship course integrates academic and applied learning by providing students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in a career field.  This experience will provide the intern with a vision of the skills necessary for this career, the multiple facets of a business setting, and exposure to related career fields unknown to the student prior to the internship. Students meet periodically with the Internship Coordinator.



Work Experience                                           

Grade Level: 11-12            RBV Graduation: Elective                    UC/CSU A-G: None              Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite:  Age 16, 2.0 GPA and employer verification

This course gives credit for outside employment.  Attendance is required at weekly meetings held on campus. Failure to attend all meetings and maintain adequate work hours may result in a drop from the class with an “F”.  The students must be employed the entire semester for credit. Students participating must maintain a "C" average at all grading periods. Students may not enroll in Work Experience and Internship at the same time.  




Grade Level: 11-12            RBV Graduation: Elective                   UC/CSU A-G: "G"                   Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None

A yearlong elective that produces the RBVHS yearbook.  Strong computer and writing skills are recommended.  This class includes layout and design, advertising, photography and writing.  Students will use Adobe Indesign and Photo Shop. Students need to be organized and able to meet deadlines. Outside class time participation required.



Sports Medicine

Grade Level: 10-12            RBV Graduation: Elective                   UC/CSU A-G: None                Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None

This course provides entry-level instruction in sports medicine and athletic training. It is designed for high school students, 16 years and older. Employment possibilities include, among others, athletic trainer assistant, sports medicine aide, and physical therapy aide. Instruction covers the following areas: anatomy and physiology, vital signs, CPR, and safety factors related to sports medicine. Opportunity exists for students to have supervised involvement with the training needs and treatment of injuries of students involved in athletics on campus.