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World Languages

International Language Department

One year of International Language or Visual and Performing arts is required for high school graduation. Because all courses in the Language Department are one-year long, students will be required to take the entire year of the language they signed up for.


World Language Teachers


Contact Elidio Benitez  Elidio Benitez (760) 727-7284 ex: 72721 World Language Teacher
Contact Lucia Lopez Martinez  Lucia Lopez Martinez (760) 727-7284 ex: 72712 Spanish Teacher
Contact Carolyn Martin  Carolyn Martin French Teacher
Contact Valentina Mendoza-Benitez  Valentina Mendoza-Benitez (760) 727-7284 ex: 72719 World Language Teacher
Contact Adriana Rieger  Adriana Rieger (760) 727-7284 ex: 72723 Spanish Teacher
Contact Susan Stauffer  Susan Stauffer (760) 727-7284 ex: 72713 ASL Teacher