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Course Selection-Current Longhorns (grades 9-11)

This is Course Selection Information current RBV students. If you are a middle school or new student/parent, please refer to the "New Longhorn Course Selection Page".

1. Course Selection Presentation:Counselors present important information about graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, factors to consider when choosing their courses, the importance of choosing your courses wisely and much more! Students will receive their transcript and course selection form. If they misplace their course selection form, they can print one from the links above on the right. 

2.  Review the RBV Course Catalog: Review the RBV Online Course Catalog for course descriptions and in depth information about courses offered at RBV. The Online Course Catalog even showcases videos for certain electives. 

3. Talk to your teachers and parents/guardians: It is important to do research on the courses you choose. Talk to your teachers about courses you’re interested in to better understand the expectations and the workload. You should also discuss your course selections with your parents/guardians. 

4. Online Course Selection (parent portal) & Paper Course Selection Form: Students will choose their courses online (through their parent portal account). Students will get online course selection instructions at the Course Selection Presentation. You can also view instructions by clicking here. Students must also complete their paper Course Selection Form and get all the necessary signatures.

5. Course Selection Meeting with Counselors: In March, students will meet with their counselor one on one. During the meetings counselors will discuss the student's individual transcript/grades, course selections and their post high school goals. 

Course Selection Meeting Schedule

Current Juniors:           March 4-8

Current Sophomores:  March 11-15

Current Freshmen:      March 18-22

Course Selection Forms

Course Selection Links