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Be On time.

(There is no reason to be late.)


Be Prepared.

(Always have your Chromebook, Planner, and School Supplies.)


Be Honest.

(Tell the truth, it will help build a positive and safe environment.)


Be Responsible.

(Take responsibility for your actions, words, and possessions.)


Be Respectful.

(This is a safe space for people and possessions.  Treat it that way.)

Daily requirements

California Colleges


Included within Freshman Seminar are health topics including, social and emotional health, physical health, mental health, and sexual health. For the state mandated sexual health portion you will receive a separate letter home with the ability to opt out of the entire sexual health unit. We will be following state approved and district adopted health curriculum.

Freshman Seminar

Freshman Seminar

About the Course

9th grade Freshman Seminar will focus on the academic, technological, social, and emotional skills that are important to your transition, connection, and success at RBV. Cross-curricular study skills, the use of personalized learning, accountability, positive relationships, goal setting, and evaluating potential college and career paths will be infused throughout the course. The goal of Freshman Seminar is to help you become a more well-rounded and focused student by introducing you to skills that will be helpful well beyond freshman year. The state requirement for health is included in Freshman Seminar.

Course Materials:

  1. Chromebook (will be available in the classroom and for optional student check-out)

  2. Planner (will be given to student by the school)

  3. Get Focused, Stay Focused book (will be in the classroom)


  5. School Supplies: Pen, Pencil, Paper, Three Ring Binder

Course Guide for 2018-2019

Fall Semester: 18 Weeks

Unit 1: Connection to RBV

Unit 2: Study Skills & Responsibility

Unit 3: Personal Accountability & Decision Making

Unit 4: Digital Citizenship

Unit 5: Character Education & Healthy Relationships


Spring Semester: 21 Weeks

Unit 1: Reviewing our Skills

Unit 2: Looking to the Future

Unit 3: Your Ideal Career

Unit 4: From College to Career

Unit 5: From High School to College

Unit 6: Health Topics

Unit 7: Reflections

UCSD Climate Survey

Teacher Websites

Freshman Seminar Teachers
Contact Elsie Aguirre-Simpson  Elsie Aguirre-Simpson (760) 727-7284 ex: 72114 Social Studies Teacher / Dept. Chair
Contact Carolyn Anderson  Carolyn Anderson (760) 727-7284 ex: 72236 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Monty Brooks  Monty Brooks (760) 727-7284 ex: 72247 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Erica Glennon  Erica Glennon (760) 727-7284 ex: 72115 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Stephanie Hawkins  Stephanie Hawkins (760) 727-7284 ex: 72222 English Teacher
Contact Marcelo Kim  Marcelo Kim (760) 727-7284 ex: 72707 Science Teacher
Contact Lindsey Paddock  Lindsey Paddock (760) 727-7284 ex: 72349 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Nathan Perez  Nathan Perez (760) 727-7284 ex: 72113 Social Studies Teacher
Contact Kalina Shatto  Kalina Shatto (760) 727-7284 ex: 72129 Science Teacher
Contact Jennifer Stein  Jennifer Stein Teacher


Classwork - 30%

(Included, but not limited to: warm-ups, worksheets, reflections)


Projects - 30%

(Included, but not limited to: Decision Making Poster, College and Career Project)


Participation - 40%

(Included, but not limited to: Daily planner and Chromebook check, participation in discussions, involvement in lessons)

Attendance Policy and Make-Up Work:

Attendance is important. Students are expected to be in class, on time, with necessary materials every day. If you know that you are going to be absent ahead of time, let me know. This way I can get you the assignments you will miss. If you have an unexpected excused absence then you have as many days as you missed to make up any missed assignments. If an assignment was due on the missed day, it is due upon your return. Long-term assignments are due on the assigned day; absence will not be accepted as an excuse for long-term assignments. Tardiness is not acceptable.