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Library and Textbook Policies

Library and Textbook Policies


  • The library is open Monday through Thursday from 7:00am to 5:30pm and until 3:30 on Friday.
  • Students may walk-in before/after school, at nutrition, and lunch. 
  • During class time, a pink pass from the classroom teacher is required. 
  • A current ID card is necessary for all checkouts and log on information.
  • The loan period is three weeks and is renewable. 
  • Overdue fines are charged for items not renewed or returned on time (10 cents per school day).  Access to Destiny, the library catalog, and online research databases is available through the RBV or VUSD websites.
  • Additional library services include access to computers and textbooks, printing, photocopier, magazines, audio and electronic books.
  • The library offers a relaxed atmosphere at lunch time where students may enjoy their lunch and amenities such as board games. At all other times, the library is a place of quiet academic focus.


  • Students receive textbooks during the registration days in August before school starts or on their first day if starting throughout the school year.
  • After that all textbooks services are provided at the textbook walk-up window at the rear of the library building.
  • The window is open daily at nutrition break and after school.
  • Textbooks services are not available to students during class time or inside the library.
  • Current ID cards are required to check out textbooks. 
  • Students are responsible for all textbooks issued to them (even if they are stolen) and for the return in good condition of the exact barcoded item.
  • RBV follows VUSD Administrative Regulation No. 6161.2 regarding damaged or lost materials. Payment for lost, damaged, or stolen textbooks is due before replacements are issued. 
  • Students are strongly encouraged to write their names inside the front cover of all textbooks issued to them.
  • Students should never leave textbooks in any teachers’ classrooms even if encouraged to do so by the teacher.
  • Students should check with each teacher as to the requirement for bringing the textbook to class as classroom copies are not always available.