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Welcome Parents

The most important thing you can do to ensure your child's success in high school is to be aware of his or her social/emotional and academic "whereabouts." A student has to be socially and emotionally healthy in order to be able to perform academically. Make sure that you check in with your student on a regular basis to access his or her social/emotional health, and that you take appropriate steps to address any issues that arise. To make sure that your student is performing up to his or her academic potential, you should check the parent portal REGULARLY. If you wait until the progress report is posted, it may be too late to address a low grade. If you do find that your student is struggling academically when you review parent portal, speak with your student immediately, and contact the teacher directly.

  • Refer to the grade level pages for specific information for each grade level. 
  • Use the links to access many important parent tools

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