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Computer Science and Robotics/Engineering

Computer Science 1

Grade Level: 9-12                RBV Graduation: Elective             UC/CSU A-G: “G”                  Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None 

Hands-on course that introduces software programming, using JAVA. Create interactive computer programs and 2D computer games. For students who have strong interest in programming. Prior experience may include hour of code, scratch programming, code combat, JavaScript, Alice and/or code camp. The class will start with an introduction to programing using drag and drop programming, but most programming will be in a text based environment. Close to 100% of class on computer.  Attention to detail, problem solving, troubleshooting,and lots of patience is needed for programming.  Medium to high workload. Articulated with Palomar CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II.



AP Computer Science A 

Grade Level: 10-12             RBV Graduation: Elective              UC/CSU A-G: "G"             

Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment or successful completion of Integrated Math 2 or its equivalent.

Course designed to prepare students for the CSA AP test, which is based on JAVA programming. This course is for students who have strong interest in programming and computer science.  Attention to detail, problem solving, troubleshooting, and lots of patience is needed for programming.



AP Computer Science Principles

Grade Level: 10-12              RBV Graduation: Elective               UC/CSU A-G: “G”            Click for: Video Description

PrerequisiteConcurrent enrollment or successful completion of Integrated Math 2 or its equivalent. 

AP Computer Science Principles introduces students to Computer Science. Students learn how to write computer code with an internet program called Alice. Students write computer programs that create 3-D animated movies. This is a perfect course for a student who has no coding experience. Students learn real world problem solving skills as well as topics such as how the internet works and how to look at data and information.    



Robotics & Engineering 1                                           

Grade Level: 9-12                RBV Graduation: Elective                UC/CSU A-G: "G"               Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None

Have fun learning the basics of programming and engineering design using robots. No experience required. Course includes hands-on mechanical/electrical labs including building circuits,using gears,and prototyping. Computer Aided Design is introduced as a tool used for robot design. Challenges include programming robots to complete varied autonomous tasks. Students program VEX Robots,design and build a hydraulic robotic arm, and create an arduino controlled robot.



Robotics & Engineering 2

Grade Level: 10-12               RBV Graduation: Elective             UC/CSU A-G: "D"                   Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: Successful completion Robotics & Engineering 1 

Students explore the world of robotics in greater depth with an emphasis on advanced student projects, involving gears, manipulators and actuators. Students will expand their programming, CAD, design and building skills. Certification: Career Technical Education Certificate in Robotics, Advanced. Articulated with Palomar for CSIT 148 C Programming using RobotC.