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Career Technical Education (CTE)

TV Film 1

Grade Level: 9-12                 RBV Graduation: Art/Elective              UC/CSU A-G: “F”            Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None

This is the first in a sequence of courses that introduces the technical skills required to produce broadcast quality media content. The focus of this course is learning the production process of making movies. The language and aesthetics of cinematography are explored through the design and production of a digital movie short or documentary.  Pre-production techniques are taught to include selection of cast and crew, proper video camera techniques, digital video editing, script writing, storyboard drawing, effective lighting, audio, directing, production responsibilities, computer generated graphics, animation, and special effects. The professional skills learned in this course give students a first- hand opportunity to explore career choices within this industry. Articulation: Palomar College Credit Pending



TV Film 2

Grade Level: 10-12                 RBV Graduation: Elective                     UC/CSU A-G: "F"            Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: Successful completion of TV Film1

TV Film 2 is the second level course and considered an “advanced level” class. Students are responsible for writing, storyboarding, shooting, and editing news packages for the schools weekly TV show RBVTV.  Students will produce a broadcast in our state of art TV studio and create all segments on iMacs using either Adobe suite or Final Cut. Students will also be responsible for turning in their production storyboard, segment questions, and voice over copy. After each newscast, the class will independently review and critique each segment individually then have a critical roundtable discussion with the class. Two semester long video essays will also be written, edited and produced concurrently with TV production work.  Articulation: Palomar College Credit Pending



Photography 1

Grade Level: 9-12                RBV Graduation: Art/Elective              UC/CSU A-G: “F”            Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None

Digital Photography I is an introductory course designed to instruct students in the fundamental skills of composing digital photo images and processing them using industry standard software. Basic and intermediate techniques are taught to enhance or manipulate images for any purpose. With hands on experience, students become familiar with photographic imaging equipment, materials, methods, and processes. Applied creative thinking and visual problem solving prepares students for more advanced courses and a foundation for professional career possibilities. This course is recommended prior to enrollment in advanced courses in the CTE Visual Arts Pathway. Articulation: Course is approved and articulated with Palomar College, Digital Photography PHOT 120.  



Photography 2

Grade Level: 10-12                RBV Graduation: Art/Elective              UC/CSU A-G: "F"

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Photography 1

This is a studio course designed for students who wish advanced training or to pursue a career in photography. Advanced concepts, techniques, practices, aesthetics and photographic imaging and image-making with digital technology are included in instruction, with an emphasis on portfolio building.



Digital Art 1

Grade Level: 9-12              RBV Graduation: Art/Elective         UC/CSU A-G: “F”            Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None           

Digital Art 1 is a one year course in painting and drawing on the computer using Photoshop, digital cameras, digital tablets and a stylus, and printers as a tools to create art and animations. Students will create posters, digital collages, greeting cards, T-shirts, and digital paintings. Hands on activities reinforce student creativity by applying elements of art and principles of design. Students acquire confidence in their technical skills and the understanding of the process of digital creativity. This course is a perfect introduction to self-expression.Articulation: Palomar College Credit GC-IP 140



Digital Art 2

Grade Level: 10-12              RBV Graduation: Art/Elective         UC/CSU A-G: "F"         

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Digital Art 1          




Graphic Design 1

Grade Level: 9-12              RBV Graduation: Art/Elective         UC/CSU A-G: “F”            Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None

Graphic Design 1 will prepare students to design and produce a variety of print and electronic media.  Techniques for planning, designing and creating illustrations, brochures, newspapers, flyers, advertisements, publications, and instructional materials are included in instruction. All aspects of graphic communications are explored in order to successfully deliver a message.  Students are prepared for entry-level positions in industry or advanced career technical studies at colleges and universities. Students produce real life projects based on industry standards that are visible throughout the school and community. Articulation: Palomar College Credit GC-IP 152



Graphic Design 2      

Grade Level:  10-12              RBV Graduation: Elective            UC/CSU A-G: "F"

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Graphic Design 1 

Graphic Design 2 is a course that provides advanced study in art, design and digital illustration and is available for students who wish to pursue Graphic Design as a career.



Robotics & Engineering 1                                           

Grade Level: 9-12                RBV Graduation: Elective                UC/CSU A-G: "G"               Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None

Have fun learning the basics of programming and engineering design using robots. No experience required. Course includes hands-on mechanical/electrical labs including building circuits,using gears,and prototyping. Computer Aided Design is introduced as a tool used for robot design. Challenges include programming robots to complete varied autonomous tasks. Students program VEX Robots,design and build a hydraulic robotic arm, and create an arduino controlled robot.



Robotics & Engineering 2

Grade Level: 10-12               RBV Graduation: Elective             UC/CSU A-G: "D"                   Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: Successful completion Robotics & Engineering 1 

Students explore the world of robotics in greater depth with an emphasis on advanced student projects, involving gears, manipulators and actuators. Students will expand their programming, CAD, design and building skills. Certification: Career Technical Education Certificate in Robotics, Advanced. Articulated with Palomar for CSIT 148 C Programming using RobotC.



Computer Science 1

Grade Level: 9-12                RBV Graduation: Elective             UC/CSU A-G: “G”                  Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None 

Hands-on course that introduces software programming, using JAVA. Create interactive computer programs and 2D computer games. For students who have strong interest in programming. Prior experience may include hour of code, scratch programming, code combat, JavaScript, Alice and/or code camp. The class will start with an introduction to programing using drag and drop programming, but most programming will be in a text based environment. Close to 100% of class on computer.  Attention to detail, problem solving, troubleshooting,and lots of patience is needed for programming.  Medium to high workload. Articulated with Palomar CSCI 114 Programming Fundamentals II.



AP Computer Science A 

Grade Level: 10-12             RBV Graduation: Elective              UC/CSU A-G: "G"             

Prerequisite:Successful completion Computer Science 1 and concurrent enrollment or successful completion of Integrated Math 2 or its equivalent.

Course designed to prepare students for the CSA AP test, which is based on JAVA programming. This course is for students who have strong interest in programming and computer science.  Attention to detail, problem solving, troubleshooting, and lots of patience is needed for programming.



Patient Care 1

Grade Level: 9-11               RBV Graduation: Elective        UC/CSU A-G: "G"

Prerequisite: None

This course provides an introduction to the high school medical pathway courses. Instruction covers content addressing: Careers and Personal Qualities of a Health Care Worker, Legal and Ethical Responsibilities, Introductions to Medical Terminology, with an emphasis on Anatomy & Physiology, Understanding Diversity and Communications in Health Care, Nutrition, and Computers in Health Care, Safety Precautions, Infection Control, and Mathematics in Health Care, Physical Assessment, and Basic Principles of First Aid & CPR. This course includes both theory and practical instruction. Students will also be introduced to various employment opportunities within the health industry.



Patient Care 2

Grade Level: 10-12               RBV Graduation: Elective        UC/CSU A-G: "G"

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Patient Care 1 

This capstone course prepares students for a career in various areas of patient care that will enable them to complete the requirements for certification or other industry recognized credentials. This course will help prepare students to enter postsecondary education and training programs in their selected career pathway. In this course students will learn Workplace Readiness, Career Planning, Medical Law and Ethics, Patient Assessment, Patient Care, Patient Communication and the Delivery and Business of the HealthCare System.



Sports Medicine

Grade Level: 10-12              RBV Graduation: Elective        UC/CSU A-G: "G"             Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None

This course provides entry-level instruction in sports medicine and athletic training. It is designed for high school students, 16 years and older. Employment possibilities include, among others, athletic trainer assistant, sports medicine aide, and physical therapy aide. Instruction covers the following areas: anatomy and physiology, vital signs, CPR, and safety factors related to sports medicine. Opportunity exists for students to have supervised involvement with the training needs and treatment of injuries of students involved in athletics on campus.



Stage Technology 1

Grade Level: 9-12                         RBV Graduation: Elective                 UC/CSU A-G: "F"            Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: None

Students interested in a theatre career can learn about set construction and design, lighting, sound, costuming, and make-up.  These skills can help you begin your career in the theater field by allowing you to be employable as a stagehand, light technician, sound technician or costumer. Students who are enrolled in this course and who are working may earn additional credit toward graduation by co-enrolling in the internship program.  



Stage Technology 2

Grade Level: 10-12                       RBV Graduation: Elective                  UC/CSU A-G: "F"         Click for: Video Description

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Stage Technology 1

This course provides advanced training in stagehand technical skills.  Instruction will include advanced training in make-up, costuming, and design.  Instruction also includes use of soundboards, lighting equipment, hand tools and other tricks of the trade. Further job opportunities become available as a stage manager, property manager or costume manager. Students who are enrolled in this course and who are working may earn additional credit toward graduation by co-enrolling in the internship program. Mira Costa College Credit Pending.