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Taking a courses at community college while in high school

If you want a community college or any other off-campus course and you want the course to appear on your RBV transcript, please follow all of these steps:

1.Speak with your counselor to discuss your reason for taking an off-campus course and to determine if the course will meet graduation requirements.  Please note, counselors cannot recommend any specific off campus program. Your counselor will give you the Off Campus Approval  Form. 

2.Complete and submit the Off Campus Approval Form to your counselor. It must be filled out completely, and signed by the student, parent, counselor, and administrator. 

3. When you finish the course, it is your responsibility to have an official transcript from the institution where you took the course sent directly to the RBV Registrar. The Registrar can only accept official transcripts and only the RBV Registrar can post credits and grades. Transcripts must be received by June 1st to be posted to that year's transcript.