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Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment is an opportunity for high school students to take Palomar College courses on RBVś campus and earn BOTH high school AND college credit at no cost.


What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?

  • Earn college credit for free

  • Make up lost credits

  • Gain college experience

  • Save time and money

  • Classes are conveniently located at RBV after school


Dual Enrollment Courses offered at RBV

Counseling 110 - College Success Skills

Grade Level: 10-12                    RBV Graduation: Elective                             3 hours lecture                           Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC 

Prerequisite: None           

Provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to reach their educational goals. Topics include academic learning strategies, college and life skills, diversity awareness and assessment of personal characteristics related to educational success. The role of race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation and age in higher education and personal identity is a central theme of the course. 


Counseling 148 - Managing Stress and Wellbeing

Grade Level: 10-12                    RBV Graduation: Elective                             3 hours lecture                            Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC 

Prerequisite: None   

Investigates the cultural, sociological, physiological, and psychological sources of stress and well-being across the lifespan. An examination of how the mind body relationship is affected by personality, thoughts, life events, and messages received within a multicultural society and family will be studied. Students learn mindfulness and stress reduction techniques that resolve stress and anxiety and promote well-being physically, energetically, emotionally, cognitively, socially, and behaviorally


Math 60 - Intermediate Algebra

Grade Level: 11-12                    RBV Graduation: Elective                           4 hours lecture                                           

Prerequisite:  A minimum grade of C- in                         

Graphic, numeric, analytic and applied perspectives on topics including linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions, exponents and radicals, linear and nonlinear systems of equations and inequalities.


Math 100 -  Exploring Mathematics

Grade Level: 11-12                    RBV Graduation: Elective                          3 hours lecture                           Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC – MATH                                                        100, 105 and 106 combined: maximum                                                             credit, one course

Prerequisite: A minimum grade of C- in Integrated Math 3 

Selected topics from logic, modern algebra, number theory, and geometry. Designed to give the student an introduction to the structure of mathematics and its applications. Recommended for liberal arts students.


Business 136 - Money Managing & Planning for the Future 

Grade Level: 10-12                            RBV Graduation: Elective                     3 hours lecture                                   Transfer acceptability: CSU

Prerequisite: None 

An integrated approach to personal finance that focuses on practical financial decision-making, as well as the physiological, psychological and sociological contexts in which those decisions are made. Topics include money management, taxes, financial services, consumer credit, consumer purchasing strategies, housing, property and automobile insurance, health and disability insurance, life insurance, investment analysis and retirement and estate planning.


Speech 100 - Oral Communication 

Grade Level: 10-12                      RBV Graduation: Elective                         3 hours lecture                             Transfer acceptability: CSU; UC 

Prerequisite: None                                                                                 

An introduction to the fundamental principles and techniques of public address. Students will frequently prepare and present talks of informative or persuasive intent. Emphasis will be placed on the collection, analysis, and organization of material appropriate to typical public address situations, as well as on the linguistic, vocal, and physical skills needed for effective delivery.

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